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Seed Solutions, LLC

We are the first and only stop for all your seed needs! As a Pioneer Hi-Bred and Arrow Seed dealer, we have access to some of the top genetics in the industry for corn, soybeans, grasses, forages, etc. Our sales representatives are knowledgable and committed to your success. With over 35 years experience in selling the Pioneer Brand combined with personal farming experience, we know what hyrids will yield best in your differing field conditions. Stop in today and see how we can help your farming operation succeed in producing the highest yielding crop yet.


Latest Techology

In a constantly changing world, it's hard to keep up, especially with techonology. One example of such is drones. Drones are becoming more affordable and increasingly influential in farm use. You can now get a view from above and get another perspective of what's going on in your fields. Curious or have questions? Kurt can answer any questions you have. Still not sold on buying? Seed Solutions now offers aerial imaging services. We'll do the work for you! Stop in and see how our multisprectral camera and images can benefit you!


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